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    Advance Veterinary Diets Renal for cats

    The various kidney problems that cats can suffer include chronic kidney disease, which may affect older cats. Advance Veterinary Diets Renal is a cat food that helps treat this problem

    Cats are frequently affected by chronic kidney disease. It is the most common kidney disease in older cats and is progressive. However, quality of life and survival can be improved by modifying the diet and using pharmacological agents. It is defined as a structural and/or functional deficiency of one or both kidneys present for more than approximately 3 months.1

    Although it is a disease typical of older animals, it can appear at any age. Many, but not all, patients show clinical signs of chronic disease, such as loss of weight and muscle mass and poor condition of coat. Polyuria and polydipsia occur when the kidneys are unable to regulate fluid balance.1

    In this disease, substances that are normally removed in the urine are retained. These are nitrogenous compounds associated with clinical signs of chronic kidney disease. It has been suggested that prebiotics and probiotics redistribute a small quantity of nitrogen in the gastrointestinal tract for elimination, thereby reducing the degree of azotemia. Prebiotics are dietary fibre, usually soluble fibre that promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria which metabolise intraluminal nitrogen and urea in the colon.1

    Treatment is aimed at correcting imbalances and reducing disease progression, and is for life as the disease is irreversible. The main objective of this approach for any animal is to maintain lean muscle mass and optimal physical condition.1

    Changing the diet is an important component of treatment and can increase the quality and life expectancy of cats with chronic kidney disease. It is advisable to change the diet as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed, because it is easier to introduce a therapeutic diet when the animal is still feeling well, before the disease progresses.1

    To help treat this disease, Advance has developed Advance Veterinary Diets Renal, a product designed specifically for cats with kidney problems.

    Advance Veterinary Diets Renal is a complete diet that helps cats with kidney problems thanks to its composition and beneficial features:

    • Low phosphorus content, ideal for delaying the progression of kidney failure.
    • Moderate protein and sodium levels to promote kidney function and maintain muscle mass.
    • Soluble fibre, which helps reduce nitrogen excretion by the kidney.
    • Neutral pH, which helps prevent the formation of oxalate stones.

    Early detection is key in chronic kidney disease and, once diagnosed, diet also plays an important role in treatment and in improving quality of life and life expectancy.

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