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Knowing the latest trends and updates in the scientific-veterinary field is the key to the day-to-day of the veterinary clinic and consequently improve the health of dogs and cats. Our digital platform offers expert content that responds to the real needs of the veterinary world.

We speak for him and for him and, therefore, we are a demanding community that seeks constant improvement within a changing environment along with which we must evolve.

Vets & Clinics

Uveitis in dogs: Ocular and periocular signs of leishmaniasis
Ocular lesions are relatively common in leishmaniasis. This article looks at their prevalence and clinical characteristics, particularly anterior uveitis, which is one of the most common conditions.
Feline ocular chlamydiosis
Feline chlamydiosis is an eye infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia felis.Chlamydophila bacteria are easily transmitted from one cat to another via direct contact, so it is more common among cats that live together in groups. It can affect cats of all ages but is typically seen in young cats.
Red eye in dogs: conjunctivitis
Red eye in dogs is a common sign of conjunctivitis. Here we look at the main types of conjunctivitis, their causes and the most appropriate treatment in each case.