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    Otitis in dogs: external support and nutritional treatment

    Otitis in dogs is a common disease consisting of epithelial inflammation of the pinna and external auditory canal. Up to 20% of dogs suffer otitis at sometime. Dogs with otitis require supportive treatments, which may involve diets and special shampoos.

    What causes otitis in dogs?

    The main causes of otitis in dogs are:

    • Presence of foreign bodies
    • Ectoparasites
    • Hypersensitivity (food allergy and atopy)
    • Altered keratinisation (idiopathic seborrhoea)
    • Autoimmune (pemphigus, SLE)
    • Virus (distemper)

    If we know the cause and start treatment as soon as possible, the prognosis for otitis in dogs is excellent.

    Otitis in dogs: supportive treatment

    Treatment consists of eradicating the primary cause, controlling possible secondary bacterial or fungal infections, and keeping the area clean and dry.

    In the specific case of allergic otitis, the response to atopic treatment is outstanding.  Both diet and special shampoos are key factors in improving the dog’s condition.

    This post introduces the Atopic Care Diet and Atopic Care Shampoo, especially indicated for the treatment of atopic otitis in dogs.

    Atopic Care Diet       

    The Atopic Care Diet is indicated as a support treatment for dogs with otitis, but it also has some other indications:

    • Atopic dermatitis
    • Adverse food reactions in dogs with atopic dermatitis? If you want to find out more about the role of diet in atopic dermatitis we recommend this Clinical Report.
    • Chronic pruritus
    • Enteritis
    • Regeneration of the skin’s lipid barrier
    • Inflammatory bowel disease

    Its main advantages are:

    • Contains omega-3 essential fatty acids: reduce inflammation.
    • Linoleic acid: prevents transepidermal water loss, which leads to xerosis. Improves the appearance of hair and skin.
    • Aloe vera gel: helps keep the skin’s lipid layer in good condition, thereby reinforcing the integrity of the cutaneous barrier.
    • Olive leaf extract: helps maintain the skin in optimal condition. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.
    • New protein sources: such as potato and trout protein; reduces the possibility of adverse food reactions.
    • Collagen peptides: improves healing capacity and reduces skin inflammation. 
    • Zinc and yeasts: improve hair and skin health

    Atopic Care Shampoo:

    Frequent baths may also help improve the animal’s clinical signs. Using a shampoo such as the Atopic Care Shampoo accelerates the recovery process. The Atopic Care Shampoo has anti-irritant, restructuring and antiseptic actions: three-in-one!

    Its main benefits include:

    • Removes allergens from the hair and skin
    • Maintains and restores hair, skin and protective barrier function
    • Improves healing capacity
    • Reduces skin inflammation

    The novel components in Atopic Care Shampoo compared with other shampoos are 10% aloe vera, 1% collagen and 1% olive leaf extract.

    Aloe vera improves healing, protects the skin’s lipid layer and boosts hydration. The olive extract has antiseptic properties.

    Apply the shampoo after wetting the dog’s hair with warm water. Massage, rinse, then repeat, this time leaving the product to act for 5–10 minutes.

    Apply 1–3 times a week, according to the vet’s indications.